minimal custom illustration
  • minimal custom illustration

    *if you're unsure what the difference between minimal and full detail designs are, check out our faq*


    minimal illustrations are a great way to give a gift without breaking the bank. I recommend minimal illustrations for phone backgrounds, avatar photos, or small prints (4"x6" or 8"x8"). I HIGHLY recommend getting the digital file, as you can get more use out of the file than a small print.


    to order a custom illustration, there are a few different factors that determine the price and what it will come out looking like.


    1. use the drop down to determine how many people are in the photograph that you'd like to recreate. hint: dogs count as people!


    2. use the drop down option to select how you want your custom design: as a print, or as a digital file. because minimal detail designs are very simplistic, i do not offer sizes larger than 8"x8" for print. at checkout, click "add special note"  and write in a few colors you'd like for the background.


    3. after you checkout, EMAIL ME THE PHOTO YOU'D LIKE RECREATED AT for the best results, images should be high resolution (no screenshots!). additionally, if you have any special notes regarding the design, feel free to add that in the email as well. If I do not recieve an email from you within 24 hours of your purchase, I will reach out to you via email to get the photo from you!