Frequently asked questions

how long do custom illustrations take to design?

Short answer: it depends. Long answer: the time of completion depends on the following factors: level of detail, how many people or animals are in the photo, additional requests for foreground/ background, and how many custom orders I currently have. I close my commissions after recieving a certain number of orders to make sure that everyone gets their image back within a week to two weeks, but depending on the level of detail, it can be sent back to you wthin days. After you place your order, I will contact you to let you know how long it will take before the design is completed so that you can know when to expect your finished image.

I have an idea for my custom illustration but want to get your opinion first. What next?

the easiest way to contact me about your order is through instagram! my instagram is @geminigraphicshop and I respond to all DMs as soon as possible. if you have any special requests or want to work out an idea with me, then feel free to message me on instagram and we can talk about it!

how long does shipping take?

if you purchase an item from the website (except custom orders!) then shipping usually takes about 4 - 7 business days.

what's the difference between minimal and full detail for custom illustrations?

this is a super common question and can be pretty confusing, so i'm going to explain by using these two pictures of the queen herself, lizzo: FULL DETAIL (LEFT) VS MINIMAL DETAIL (RIGHT) FULL DETAIL images have layers of shadows and highlights to give the image more dimension. additionally, they include all facial features, patterns, details, etc. unless otherwise specified. full detail illustrations are recommended for any prints, as you will be able to tell exactly who is in the photo. they make awesome gifts to friends and family because they're super thoughtful, one of a kind, and help memorialize special moments :) MINIMAL DETAIL images have none or very few shadows and highlights, which keep the illustration looking flat by comparison. these are best for avatar photos/ phone backgrounds/ smaller prints, because you really won't see much detail. this style is also more stylistic and less realistic, so they can be really fun!

I want a one of your prints but have a different color scheme. Can I order other colors?

totally! at checkout, click "add special note" and let me know what colors you're thinking. before I send your print, i'm going to email you using the address you entered at checkout and make sure that the color scheme is right for you. this way, you can make sure your poster matches your color scheme perfectly!

how do I pick a photo to use for my custom illustration?

picking a photo can seem kind of difficult, because you won't know what will come out looking cool. I recommend sending me multiple photos that you like so that I can give you my opinion and help give you a mental image of how things will come out to make sure you have the perfect illustration in the end! however, before emailing me tons of options, consider these factors of what will make your custom illustration the best: 1. the better quality the image, the more detailed the illustration will come out. this doesn't mean the photos have to be HD, but avoid sending screenshots of images. 2. if the background is blurry (or the image was taken with a shallow depth of field), the illustration will be the same. consider getting a foreground only illustration in this case, so you don't spend extra money on a blurred background!! but if that's the vibe you're going for, then the blurry background can still look pretty cool. 3. consider the lighting. if it's really harsh and casting weird, totally black shadows, then it's going to be a little harder to get an accurate idea of the colors in the image. this isn't a huge issue, but it's definitely something to consider! feel free to reach out to me on my instagram, @geminigraphicshop, to work through any ideas for images/ background/ etc. i'll be able to respond much quicker + help you out through the process of placing an order!

I want something cool for my background. How do I do that?

if you want to add some type of element in your custom design (a moon, a line art of a state, coordinates, tie dye backgrund, you name it) then I recommend messaging me via instagram at @geminigraphicshop so we can talk about your vision. this way, we can get on the same page about the design, and price it accordingly. as long as you have paypal, venmo, or cash app, then we can do the exchange via instagram instead of the website, which others have found easier!

i'm getting a custom illustration as a gift-- how early should I order it in advance?

I would recommend placing your order 2.5-3 weeks beforehand. depending how many people are in the design/ how much detail you'd like, it can take up to a week and a half to finish a custom order, and another week to arrive in the mail.